Start or reset your health & fitness journey, and accomplish your goals with highly personalized workouts, nutrition, mindset & accountability one-on-one programming.

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Created from a personal growth in fitness of the mind & body, and passion for helping others achieve the same, TRUHE FITNESS is built on a foundation of physical health and mindset development.

Hi, I'm Nina Ruhe, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and your captain during your fitness journey to TRUHE FITNESS.

That's right. Captain. Not Coach.


Instead of standing on the sidelines yelling plays at you or simply telling you what plays to run, I'm going to be out on the field with you. 

After years of working through my own fitness journey, I discovered that it's not all about the gains. It's not all about the macros. It's not all about the dedication. TRUHE FITNESS is achieved through a combination of all three. One must develop the right mindset, train properly and fuel the body with proper nutrients in order to have and sustain a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Start growing your wings with me by setting up a Free consultation call to see which of my 1:1 custom coaching plans is right for you and your goals.

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